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I was responsible for text, design · HTML. So feel free to learn about thought is prone local autonomy and difficult content, overall design site also decided to pop.
It's mongrel dog is also good.


I was in charge of research and text, illustrations. We made bytrial and error as easily transmitted illustrations such as TOP. It was fun to have to make a dog of character.
I want to admiring a small dog. (Actually it is cat faction thandogs.)


I was in charge of research and text, illustrations. And I was just that I do not know about local autonomy, it is bought yo because yours learn that various In carrying make the site.
Dachshund of sagging ears is like.



I was in charge of the investigation and sentence. And it was difficult to put together, but easy to understand, it was aimed at easy-to-read text. And without knowing much about local autonomy, it was very.
Shiba Inu of eyebrows likes like a pattern.



I was in charge of the investigation and sentence. Look meticulously the sentence, and the like finely rework, all of the text to be a text that is easy to understand everyone has also been checked.
The dog if I like anything!


Taroo (Shiba Inu)

Ordinary student who is everywhere. For local autonomy, and still I do not know anything. It is a dog that does not dull, but only motivated. Father similar.


Mariko (Poodle)

Classmate of Taroo. We are familiar with local autonomy than Taroo in the firm's. Can you tell us about the "resident" in the local autonomy.


Teacher (Bulldog)

No such ne, but favorite phrase of Taroo of teacher of school. Can you tell us about the "election" in the local autonomy.


Taroo father (Shiba Inu)

Crooked I hate Taroo father. Work councilors. Can you tell us about the "local councils" in the local autonomy.


Mr. with the mayor (Komondor)

Deaf are also refers, loose mayor. Teacher of classmates. Can you tell us about the municipalities in local autonomy.


Pu~u (Poodle)

Brother of Taroo. Mother similar. If you are firmly in the percentage of the year, and the grown-up remark.


Taroo mother (poodle)

Friendly atmosphere of Taroo mother. I met Taroo father in high school. But do not speak a lot, I have always supported from behind the Taroo father.

  Or else (Komondor)

Grandson of have's mayor. It is not yet can only crawl. And it is doting the mayor.
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