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First, when you try to produce a learning site for local autonomy, when we search for the status quo on the Internet, there is not much good news. Information, such as appeal problems had been flooding. It is a local self-government, which is also said to be the school of democracy, but the problem is also a multi-unlikely in Japan. We are in to read a variety of information, we summarized the local autonomy problem into three.

Decline of voter turnout in 1 local elections, an increase of walkover
Drop or walkover of voter turnout in local elections, what it does not come from a low level of interest in local autonomy. Voter turnout drops's the problem, but the walkover is more deep problem. Because you decide the person that is not elected in the election of the important things about the area (people never felt the weight of the vote), it also dangerous.

2 councilors of work condition
It seems that the councilors are not questions in parliament has become a problem. If there is no question in parliament for many years by local government, you can not want the lawmakers do not study the length of the municipality, is so it is seen often the length and the members of local governments are or become a relationship of collusion. The length of the municipality it also notes residents because the authority is large, but lawmakers are often not noticed, I think that it is the cause off guard is coming out from there.

Of 3 residents indifferent
It is to lead to the two items above, but indifferent residents biggest problem. It was felt that he is by making forced to go to the vote has been to the state that does not solve. What we felt is, "not may vote to anyone," the fact that if not the feeling is somewhere in that. Population decline and aging, etc., there are issues that do not anything in the municipal level, I think that can not imagine a bright future in the municipality is not the largest.

So, it is important that First, know as the first step of the resolution. This site, summarizes and easy as possible to understand. In particular, members of the junior high and high school students, will soon suffrage becomes 18 years of age or older. Please try to learn firmly on local autonomy.

In walkover ... election, if the lawmakers candidates does not exceed the constant, or by the length of the election, if the candidate is the one person, the candidate who is able to win without a vote

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