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Especially learn and I want this site to your students. It is your student, or do not believe that there is no Care About local autonomy. Youth I ordinances that target, and I have a fine. And, that has been discussed now, I'm such that the town that you live in the future. And since not been reported in most mass media with respect to local autonomy, it is not but examine ourselves involved in themselves. In this page, we will introduce an ordinance related to young people a little. If interested, please take a look once it yourself in a variety of.

1. Ordinance to assist school expenses
Ordinance on school Aid for Miyazaki Prefecture takanabe long distance commuting students
School subsidy ordinances of Hokkaido Shiraoi-cho, long-distance commuting students
※ ordinance to assist school expenses can be found throughout the country.

2. And cheer the students of the town
Town promoting ordinance of Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture student
※ It is interesting ordinance that tries to Toriireyo the power of students to town planning.

3. Ordinance to limit the mobile phone
Ishikawa Prefecture Ishikawa child comprehensive ordinance
Guardians, the person who especially student in elementary and junior high schools, disaster prevention, unless security other special, shall endeavor so as not to have a mobile phone terminal or the like
※ it but not even not know the feeling, those who were firmly guidance as to how to use the mobile will feel good.

4. Town to extend to praise a child
Kagoshima Prefecture Shibushi child praised ordinance
To me to find a good place ※, adult me ​​praise. I want to live in this town.

5. Ordinance of great name
Full of dreams in the pocket of Kumamoto Prefecture Hitoyoshi children, ancient city can not forget such a smile Hitoyoshi cheering ordinance
※ It is a feeling the strength likely ordinance caring that of children.

6. You will want to go back to the region
Hiroshima Prefecture Sanwa-cho scholarship U-turn ordinances
※ great system that scholarship are exempt-reduction when employment back to the local. Conditions such as different in each municipality, but it seems has spread nationwide.

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