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Local autonomy is, what are you waiting is now a dark future. No. We think that opportunity has arrived. Everyone I think have heard the word "local creation". Country began thinking local things in earnest. It also outside, and if you look at the news the news of such policy which considered local has many flow. However, it is only waiting does not arrived chance. It is the ideas and ability of local governments has become the era to be tried. So, it is the residents to be able to securely operate the local autonomy needed. We will introduce some bright news in a rural location.

· January established the "local creation" budget 1 trillion yen 2015
- Hometown tax payment in 2013 about 14.2 billion yen
- Tightening the private school aid not issued criteria September 2015
※ students measures to suppress the concentration of large-scale university in urban areas
- Around the municipality originated video to TOPic
Equal number

To form an autonomous and sustainable society that is local creation ... each local and regional utilizing the characteristics of each
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