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In this page, you will learn about the definition of democracy and local autonomy.

First, let's look at the definition of democracy is the political system of Japan. "People's position that carries out the politics for the sake of their own in their own hands have sovereignty. People are guaranteed way of life of their own freedom and equality." This is the definition of democracy. Political system of democracy is called a democracy, this way of thinking during the 18th century from the 17th century, takes place civil revolution in Europe, was born in the era of political mechanism to democracy has changed from absolutism. Democratic politics in 1874 of the Meiji era in Japan, went into full swing in the wake of the Freedom and People's Rights Movement.

In this way, in Japan, the concept of democracy was spread before the war. Around this time and say local autonomy without being particularly defined in the Constitution, it was still only the provisions of the law. Only for had been installed to go well the governance of the central government and to say that local autonomy, it was not the local government was in close contact with the residents. In this way, democracy itself is has started to grow from before the war, when viewed at the local scale, still democratic politics did not penetrate.

It happened in Europe between the people's revolution ... 17 century to 18 II, that of revolution which aims to modern civil society

Freedom and People's Rights Movement ... Taisuke from Inagaki has caused, "the people have chosen to open the National Assembly by the representative, must be carried out by the political will of the people" spread the idea that exercise


Let's first consider the word autonomy. The definition will be "be treated in their own responsibility that related to themselves and their own." In other words, it is that "things of their own to perform themselves responsibly." So, the definition of local autonomy will be referred to as "that of their region to perform themselves responsibly."

In addition, in order to know the local autonomy, it must not without knowing the term residents autonomy and collective autonomy. The residents autonomy, it is that "local autonomy should be done by the will of the residents of the community." In order to reflect the autonomy their will, why the residents choose the length and members of local governments in the elections is the concept of this residents autonomy. And, the organization autonomy, it is that "local autonomy should be done by an independent community own organization from the country (the central government)." Or it is enacted ordinances of the region-specific by local autonomy, in order to carry out the politics in close contact in the area, there is a concept to say that this organization autonomy.

Ordinance ... By the form of a "law" stipulated by the local governments, it is also possible to provide such penalties
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