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You do you may have heard the word "local autonomy is a school of democracy"? This word is a word that jurist, historian, politician of the United Kingdom that James Blythe said. So why local autonomy rather than a nation or Will have to say that it is democracy.

First, the national authority of democracy as a prerequisite is a national all, the decision says that the political system be carried out by national consensus. Let's take a look from Japan nation. Political system of Japan has adopted parliamentary system (the one yuan representation system), we the people can election is only the legislators, it is not possible administrative side long to choose. In what about local autonomy. To "Constitution and Local Government" as learned in, because it is dual representation system easier to reflect the opinion of residents from Japan nation, it is so close to the ideal political system of democracy.

You come out many times in this site, the definition of democracy is "the people have have sovereignty, in their own hands, their own position to carry out the politics for. People are way of life ensures their freedom and equality." . In other words, local autonomy because that is the easy politics to reflect the opinion of the residents of the area, and I said that politics like learn democracy of the school, the democracy.

In addition, local autonomy are "Meiji Constitution" In no particular provisions Constitution of the Meiji era, the start is local autonomy was from after the war. Since it was enacted the Local Autonomy Law, local autonomy became a political system to consider the interests of local residents in the first place. Local Government of Japan, which has continued to grow from the post-war also, and I became a political system that said that the school of democracy.

The length of the administrative side ... within this article we will show the "Prime Minister".
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