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In this page, in the light of what you have learned so far, you will learn a little more detail the mechanism of local autonomy.

While I have to learn many times now, and local autonomy is the length of local governments residents, and then elected by the election of the parliament of the members of the local governments. In this way, a representative of the administration and lawmakers of the two institutions that choose the residents, called the dual representation system.

And, simple mechanism of local autonomy is as follows. Local governments can not decide on their own budgets and ordinances. We asked for voting to lawmakers be sure to submit to Congress. In this way it is the variety of proposals have issued a vote is submitted to Congress. Such exchanges often, have been published on Parliament's website of the local governments. Or you can, you'll be seen.

In addition, the dissolution instructions to the long parliament of local government, parliament is possible to perform the no-confidence resolution against the head of the local governments. When either makes a decision like disobey residents of intention, in this way, it may once again the election is carried out.

In the local autonomy, select residents administrative side and the (heads of local governments) the parliament side (councilors). Therefore, although the local autonomy is the opinion of the residents of institutions likely to be reflected in urban development, it "is to understand the situation, firmly to the election" to our residents at the same time I thing that there is a responsibility. Now the society or would have allowed it? We, in order to achieve a better life for themselves, I require better know effort that of local autonomy.

By no-confidence resolution ... parliament to the heads of local governments, when the no-confidence resolution is made, and that the resolution that can be dismissed its length

Although the length of the dissolution indication ... local governments, be issued to Congress, the instruction to dissolve the parliament

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