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It is, but I think the term local governments have heard always, what can be firmly explained. In this page, you will learn about it as a fact, do not know in detail municipality know.

If you say the local government in a word, it is "public organization that has been recognized the authority of autonomy from the state." In addition, autonomous legislative power as the constitutional authority of municipalities, autonomous administrative authority, there is autonomy interpretation rights. There is a word that local governments that are the same as use case with local governments, but as meaning there are some differences as follows.

Municipality: words that are commonly used. The image, representing the government and administrative services that make up in the hands of residents.

Local governments: the words that are used in the Constitution and laws. The image, representing the government and administrative services at the local division of the prefectural and municipal.

Autonomous legislative power ... possessed by ordinary local governments, to the extent that it does not violate the laws and regulations, can be established, such as its own ordinance right

Autonomous administrative authority ... local governments, the right to perform the administrative and on the basis of the autonomy


Administrative services ... national and local governments, to the public from using the taxes, that of service activities and duties to be performed (such as the development of waste disposal and public facilities)


But what has become in what configuration with local governments. Municipality is made up in the community and civic, corporate activities, organization activities, we are citizens activities. In addition, there is a thing called municipal government, has been constructed by the municipality parliament, municipal government (public office).

By provision has been made about the role of national and local governments in 2000 of decentralization reform, national and local governments form of central government and local governments went to establish. Whereby the country for local governments, government closer to the residents are left to the local governments, local governments no longer care must be taken to be able to exert autonomy and autonomy.

The main role of local government, we aim to improve the welfare of residents, it is to implement the government in the region on a voluntary basis and comprehensive.

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