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In this page, you will learn about the types of local governments.

First, municipalities and ordinary local governments as the first classification, are classified as special local public bodies. The ordinary public organization, has said that local governments that are based on residents who live certain regions there and in the region, it is the organization that conducted the public of services that are relevant to the region. The ordinary public organizations there are prefectures and municipalities.

Special local governments, refers to the tissue being placed in order to achieve a particular purpose. This special district, financial ward, union of local governments, there is a local development Agency, etc., but there is no much difference between the special wards are usually public body as it were viewed from the system and management.

Kind of relationship provisions of local governments (municipalities): the Local Government Act first Article three
Local governments, and ordinary local governments and special local governments.
○ 2 ordinary local governments, the prefectures and municipalities.
○ 3 special local governments, and special districts, union of local governments and property District.


Among the borough ... 47 prefectures, refers to the "capital of the ward", and now refers to the (for capital is not only Tokyo) Tokyo ward

When property Ward ... municipal mergers, government is established the land and property that has not been taken over in order to manage the process in the area of the old municipal organization

Performed by the union ... ordinary local governments and special districts of the local governments, that of the corporation, which is provided in order to jointly handle some of the office (fire, water and sewerage, waste disposal, etc.)

In addition, by prefectures and municipalities, you may want to classify. Prefectures are classified as regional municipality in the sense of local governments conduct their activities in a wide range, the municipality is the smallest institution in the compartment when the country of work, it is called municipality as some of the government system. Government-designated cities in the municipality, core city, special city, there is a general of the municipality.
Work when things partition across partition ... in different business areas

Designated cities ... legal population of more than 500,000 of the city

Core city ... legal population of more than 200,000 of the city
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