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In this page, you will learn about local government (usually local governments) deliberative organs (parliament) other than the organization in the.

Now, let's learn from the long. Governor to prefectures, mayors of municipalities will be placed in the municipality. Place at the direct election of the residents, it becomes the term of office of four years. And, it has a lot of administrative authority given. However, rather than the administrative authority is concentrated all in length is said to governors and mayors of municipalities, independent executive agency of the committee or the like is established by specific identification method, the dispersion of the administrative authority has been made. This way, we called enforcement agencies pluralism.

You can also put the Vice Governor and Vice mayor of the municipality as the subsidiary bodies of length. Is an organization the past, which has been referred to as the deputy mayor in the municipality. That it is not placed will also be possible by the multiple put also ordinance. The appointment requires the consent of the parliament.

And, there is an internal organization. First, the must remember, the way of the internal organization of the municipality but was able to decide relatively freely from the time of the Local Autonomy Law enacted, state to arbitrarily establish a department until 2003 Amendment Act It could not be. In the 1956 revised Local Autonomy Law, the establishment of departments beyond the legal number of copies, it is about has been required consultation with the Prime Minister. Now prefectures no longer distinguish it from the municipality, the organization of the way has become a significant deregulation. However, in the prefectures municipalities if there is a change, prefectures must first make a report to the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications.

Per affairs administrative authority ... organization of local governments handle refers to the regional, content, the human range



There is a place where a little different to the organizational structure of the prefectures and municipalities. Committee and no committee only province where Both the prefectures and municipalities in the committee, there is no committee only to municipalities. In addition, the department that the issue of family register and resident's card is not in the prefectures be in the municipality, pass to the issuance of the passport it is not in the municipality be in the prefectures. Since the internal organization can be provided the necessary organization, there is also a municipality where there is unusual department.

Committee members who placed in the law is mandatory
○ prefectures and municipalities
Education Committee, Election Committee, Personnel Committee and impartial committee and audit committee
○ State only
Public Safety Commission and Labor Committee expropriation committee, sea District Fisheries Coordination Committee within the surface of the water fisheries management committee
○ municipality only
Agriculture Committee and fixed assets evaluation screening committee

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