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Here, the work of local government, you will learn.

Municipality of work primarily, is to provide administrative services necessary for us to continue to live. In addition, work content will vary depending Of course wide area municipalities (prefectures) and municipalities (municipalities). Administrative services performed by the regional municipality is called a wide-area administrative services, administrative services performed by the basic municipality is called basic administrative services.

In the wide-area administrative services, and business that exceeds the area of ​​the municipality, do such work that must be consistent throughout the prefecture. Erosion (dam construction such as to prevent water damage) business, management and construction of roads, rivers and public facilities, and compulsory education and social welfare level maintenance of administrative and flood control (landslides construction work, such as for mountain disaster prevention) It is done as a service.

In the basic administrative services, do the business in close contact with the lives of local residents. And basic procedures such as issuance of family register resident registration and various certificates, doing the necessary measures for activities strengthen the fire brigade, garbage disposal, maintenance and town planning of water supply and sewerage systems of parks and green spaces, public facilities (public hall, nursery - elementary and junior high schools and libraries) of operational management, such as have been made as administrative services.




Classification of local government work in 2000 of decentralization reform has been changed significantly. Agency delegated, if any others were abolished, that country has become direct enforcement of the country in which direct, autonomous office, there is a thing that has been divided into the court acceptance office. Public affairs in self-government affairs, organizations delegation office, will include administrative affairs. Autonomous office and will be the original work of local governments in the minus the court entrusted.  

Familiar administrative services such as decentralization reform ... residents, responsible local governments, to exert autonomy, local residents participated in the administrative reform that aims to cooperation

Such as the head of the agency delegated ... local governments, (was abolished by the decentralization law of 1999) Secretary of be treated as are appointed by the country "institutions of the country."

Those statutory entrusted ... country or province can take on the role to play originally, appropriate processing is required

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