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Here, you will learn about the tax type and usage.

First, the major financial resources of local governments local taxes, local transfer tax, is the local allocation tax. Other There is also a national treasury disbursements and municipal bonds and the like. There is a fiscal year independence principles and casting, expenditures in each fiscal year, in with the revenue for the year, and devote to this has been defined in the Local Government Act 208 Article.

In addition, local taxes it will be divided into common property and purpose tax. More usually to tax and tax purposes there is an indirect tax that people are different to bear with the people who pay taxes and people have the same direct taxes that burden the people who pay the taxes. In other words, such as the vendor is an indirect tax that pay to calculate the tax from sales.

National treasury disbursements ... country is spending on public local bodies, out of the funds to be delivered, what use are determined

That of bonds issued by the local government bonds ... ordinary local governments


So, I think that these taxes are exactly how used. In fact, these taxes are the many finds are in that we are casually life. Public service or it has been used in public facilities,.

Police and fire costs in public services, health care, and offers those indispensable to our lives of collection vehicles such as garbage in the municipality. And public facilities and is also known as alias social capital. Schools and traffic signals, also will be included in this as well, such as children's education expenses, such as elementary school and junior high school students. In this way even know only a little, you can see it in immediately that you are closely related to the life.

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