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From here, so I came out many times until now, but I think that it is already known, you will learn about the important one of the local council of a binary representation system.

So that there is a National Assembly in the country, the local government has a local council. The local council, it is the Congress which is carried out by people who residents was elected to vote (legislators). Specifically, you can go to check the administrative side, we have or enact an ordinance to meet the feeling that "I want to do this" of residents. Congress principle, more than half of the lawmakers might determine that they must attend.

The local council, there are two types. Each regular meeting, it called the extraordinary session. Regular meeting takes place as many times as stipulated in the regulations. Extraordinary session is done only when there is a need.

Conditions to open the extraordinary session
4 minutes in the case where there is one of the claims of the - Senator constant
• If the heads of local governments has occurred an incident should be discussed in Parliament

Great power of local governments is perishable. So, the local council is very important.

In addition, the chairman, vice-chairman will choose by election each one from among the deputies. However, also observed in the nomination recommendation method when there is no objection to lawmakers. In the case of nomination recommendation to discuss whether the winner of the named lawmakers at the meeting, it will be winner if there is consent of all lawmakers. Since the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the term of office will be members of his term, and generally is four years.

Nomination recommendation ... a specific person who has been appointed, confirm the election system and elected by the consent of all


Also local council, there is a dissolution of parliament. By direct claims from residents, if wanted to disband and members of dismissal of the parliament, it will be possible to be a dissolution or dismissed by the case. Such as in parliament, and when that does not so much reflect the consensus of the residents, despite to have lost the confidence of the citizens, you are prompted to, such as when the self-cleaning action is not functioning well.

In addition, it can also be a dissolution by members of the majority. Lawmakers have been attended by more than three quarters in Parliament, it will be able to make the dissolution if there is 4/5 or more in favor of them. This also called voluntary dissolution that.

Although not well known, the local council, there is a determined necessarily to install the library, which has been defined in Article 100 Section 17 law. The library exists for members of research. However, this library I also possible that citizens will use, but so too open and not, than people of more citizens is important that you continue doing actively devised so easy to use is I think that it is or not.

Relationship provisions for the library of the local council: Local Autonomy Law Article 100
18 Congress, in order to contribute to lawmakers of research, it must be placed Save the Official Gazette, which has received the sending, publications and publication pursuant to the provisions of the two paragraphs ago was affiliated the library.
19 preceding the library can be generally utilized.

  Direct intention of the claims ... residents are guaranteed direct political participation to reflect more political  
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