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Here, you will learn about councilors.

Lawmakers, who was elected in a vote by the residents will be lawmakers. It is a position that a representative of the entire population. Lawmakers have been determined by the special positions in the civil service and the Local Public Service Law. Who can run for Senator, in the Japanese more than 25 years of age, you can candidacy is people who live in that city more than three months. Make the work as four years lawmakers After winning once. While the four years you have to work with confidence and to allow the members of activities fully, it has a certain identity security. Rep. Of the nature of the position, you that it is thought that "I want you to do this" intention and the residents through the activities of the parliament in the place to be reflected in the local governments (municipalities).

So, we will continue to learn more information about councilors. First, it has obligations stipulated in the Local Autonomy Law. Such as if you were against the obligation, or are imposed punishment, you may lose the lawmakers of the job.

Obligation of councilors
• To attend the conference obligation
And obligations to protect the discipline
- Concurrent positions, part-time ban on

In addition, councilors are also prohibited to send New Year's cards. And to concentrate on lawmakers of work, it is to keep the fair.

Such as a special service ... the Prime Minister and local governments length and local legislators, jobs that receive different treatment from the civil servants of the law on general

To limit legal fluctuations in the position contrary to the intention of the Identification guarantee ... person


Now, let's learn of specific lawmakers work.

1. enacted an ordinance, change, it will be abolished.
2. it will determine the budget.
3. it will decide on important matters.
4. I will review the financial results.
5. it will be monitoring whether the work of prefectures and municipalities have been made correctly.
6. carry out such examination you come is opinion that "I want to fix." _
8. choose such as chairman and election management committee.

And so on. Councilors, will have about 35 000 people nationwide. Of which 58% is the city council member. Rep. Of towns and villages Congress 34%, members of the prefectural has become an eight percent. State lawmakers are few, Councillor I have accounted for the entire about half.

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