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Here, you'll learn about the local council.

Local council, organizations representing the residents, institutions to determine the intention of the local government, proposals to institutions, role as an organization that monitors the enforcement agencies have been required.

There is also a place of various consultations to the local council. It becomes and its center is not that the regular meeting. The regular meeting participated heads of local governments, it will be discussed by the parliament for many things administrative. It is often parliament that takes place roughly four times a year.

Commonly used to hold regular meetings to leave and the proposals on general questions → each committee to enforcement agencies from holding to → Rep → Committee examination of such left the bill makes → again plenary voting of each project It is done in the flow that. Extraordinary sessions in addition to the regular meeting, all council, there is a consultation, such as secretary general meetings.

As described above, the local council there is a thing called committee. The committee is composed of the part of the lawmakers. Since it is difficult to discuss all of the projects in all lawmakers, do the examination and investigation in this committee. As the kind of committee, the Standing Committee, Congress Steering Committee, there is a special committee. However, these are not that it does not do to be always installed, you can decide in the ordinance.

Enforcement agencies ... and heads of local governments, and various committee or committees




Meeting for carrying out all Council ... consultation or coordination

That of secretary general meetings ... consultation and coordination Standing Committee chairman and secretary general et al do ... committee you have always provided



Committee provided for Congress Steering Committee ... Congress do the proper and smooth operation

Special Committee ... committee to investigate an important bill and problems

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