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Here, you will learn the difference between the National Assembly.

Councilors also parliamentarians also is the deputies elected. It is a representative to reflect the intention of the residents. However, there are different points. The first local council dual representation system, and the National Assembly is the difference of the institution of parliamentary system. The parliamentary system, the Prime Minister was elected in parliament is composed of the Cabinet, it is a system that the Cabinet is present based on the confidence of parliament. In other words, the Cabinet met on the basis of the Diet, the Cabinet is that it has to work on the basis of confidence from the National Assembly. For this reason, such as when such a trusted relationship scandals Cabinet no-confidence motion is had been passed collapsed, the Cabinet must be dissolved the resignation or the House of Representatives. Since in the case of rural areas using a dual representation system, the councilors and executive body length also elected. For this reason the heads of local legislators and enforcement agencies in rural areas are on the relationship of equality and equality.

Diet as two eyes is said to be the only legislative body, is located in a position to make the law. However, we have the rulemaking authority local councils also similar to it. This right is the range of law, it is intended that it is possible to make regulations.

Third is held time of parliament. Diet time ordinary Diet session is from January to June (although every year will be extended until July) to have been the year held until around December from the extraordinary Diet session is in September. Local council if usually a regular meeting of 3, 6, 9, December 4 times a year of, has been held each time 4 to 5, extraordinary session is the current situation is not nearly opened.

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