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Here, you will learn about the differences between laws and regulations.

In brief, the law and is that of the entire country rule the country made, ordinance is the rules that are defined only in the rural local governments have made.

Now, let's learn more information about the law. The law is the law as defined by the National Assembly. It is not limited to Japan, it will be determined through voting of the federal and many of the nation. The law is there to create a society of ideal. Constitution the law, when the other format as the distinction of such instruction, is called the law of formal meaning the law.

Next is the ordinance. Ordinance, beginning in the "I want to make this kind of town!" Was submitted to the parliament to make the ordinance will be formulated by ordinance from the opinion that. In addition to the flow of local governments and legislators to submit the proposal, residents there is also a system that can claim the enactment of the ordinance with the signature of 1/50 of voters. It is determined in favor of the members present of a majority in Parliament.

The ordinance gives the obligation to the residents of the district, is the Local Government Act, which may be limiting the right. However, it is not matter, such as residents of rights and obligations, and there are many regulations of various shape. If you fall into various types of regulations,

The Ordinance on every single thing of the internal and local governments
• The Ordinance on matters relating to the rights and obligations of residents
And regulations defining the role of local governments from the large field of view
Basic regulations on administrative, such as social welfare
The ordinance about individual administrative, such as care and long-term care insurance
Ordinance that based on the provisions of laws and regulations, (public arrangements)
Ordinance that is not based on and laws of the provisions
Ordinance that defines the contents of the plus and lateral out by the relationship with and legal

Etc., there are many kinds. The ordinance can be formulated within the scope of the law, regulations, such as to violate the law will not be able to develop.

Federal ... more of the nation with a strong authority is mating, that of the national polity was established as one nation








For those who need social welfare ... support and assistance, socially provided that the service to improve the quality of life

Insurance, which is paid to why the long-term care insurance ... care



For the same content as those that are regulated by the plus ordinance ... Country law, and that the ordinance was plus a standard more stringent than the law

It ordinance lateral out ordinance ... law a range that is not regulation, it is newly regulated

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