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Here, we will continue to introduce interesting ordinance. First, we will introduce an ordinance related to the Gifu Prefecture, where we live.

Gifu Prefecture: ordinance that defines the home of the day (March 22, 1967)
The third Sunday Article each month is defined as a day of home.
2 to the home of the day, the whole family is talking, enjoy each other, we shall endeavor to work together.
※ review that you cherish the home, it is warm ordinance.

Gifu, Gifu Prefecture: ordinance to beautify the city (March 30, 1999)
Article 11 (prohibition of the dumping of cans such as dust)
What people Section 2 also must not leave droppings that dog or the like is excreted to the feeding management in public places such as.
It is a little tough regulations mentioned to the droppings of dog ※.

Gifu Prefecture authenticity City: regulations for the authenticity the town in the beautiful city (March 18, 1996)
Article 10 (recommendation) town mayor, were dumping garbage such as empty cans, or soiled when you have found the person, for that person, may recommend that you take the collection and cleaning, etc. appropriate measures.
※ Do mayor himself will want to pay attention to patrol?

Feeding management ... Grow nourish the animals, that you are managing

Let's take a look to expand across the country.

Aomori Prefecture fukaura: Hometown settled promotion regulations (March 18, 1992)
Article 4 (special payment for marriage)
If any of the couple in which the notification of the first issue marriage was a town outside residents, will be paid ¥ 100,000 to a set.
If a married couple in which the notification of the No. 2 marriage are both town residents, to pay ¥ 50,000 for the pair.
※ you'll want to attract the younger generation. The other in this fukaura, is there also and support ordinance Love Affair Horseman-Tour.

Nagano Prefecture Kamitakai County Takayama: light environment regulations to protect the beautiful starry sky of Takayama (March 20, 1998)
For outdoor lighting after the Article 11 (encouraging of lighting time limit) sunset, it can be suppressed to the extent there is no hindrance to ensure the villagers of safety and social activities, particularly 22:00 and later, to as much as possible off We shall endeavor.
※ villagers of everyone is well sleep likely.

Mie Prefecture Kisei City: Kisei cho Cupid regulations (April 1, 1996)
Article 1 (Purpose) The purpose of this ordinance is, by promoting the marriage of middle age people, and conducive to living motivation, it aims to contribute to the activation of the town aims to increase the residential population and the home environment creation.
Article 2 (installed) in order to achieve the purpose of the first paragraph preceding, it is assumed that put Cupid Committee (hereinafter referred to as "members").
※ It is an interesting name. Committee members Toka 's get a ¥ 200,000 for each married pair.

Wakayama Prefecture, Southern City: Kishu Nanko plum use of rice balls and regulations related to the spread of plum (September 30, 2014)
Article 3 operators, research of new products such as pickled plums for rice balls, promote development, etc., and shall endeavor to work proactively to promote its products.
Article 4 townsman shall cooperate in the promotion of products such as plum and pickled plum "rice ball with plum", and shall endeavor to promote the townspeople of their own health.
※ plum rice balls, we now want to eat.

In this way, there are many interesting ordinance in the country. Everyone once, please take a look.

Out of town residents ... who do not live in the town










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