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Here, you will learn about the residents.

The address, it will say the place that becomes the basis for life. A person who owns this address you can be referred to as residents. Residents, ie it represents the fact that the subject of autonomy. Therefore, it is most necessary indispensable in local autonomy. Only there is a address to municipal and prefectural governments, we can foreigners and homeless, the company also referred to as residents. However, sleeping place, such as is prohibited can not be registered with the address. It is not possible to become other than to transfer the address to the residents of their favorite local governments. In addition, it is not a fact that by itself is also changing the place where live only forms, such as the house was transferred to address. There is a need to transfer the resident card.

Residents and citizens is seems is often like the same thing, but it does not mean that never have the same meaning. There is a sense neatly in each, the distinction has been made.

The distinction between residents and citizens
Residents: There is a provision in the Local Government Act. Japanese people, it has shown the meaning of foreigners, including the company "having its district within the address".
Citizens: There is nothing that has been legally established. "In that area, and have a place of residence, work within the district, and learned Dari, people who do business, or organization" for things, it has the same meaning as the "town", "villagers".


The resident card and the family register and is expressed in different units. Family register is intended to prove to the public such as parent-child relationship and marriage relationship, it becomes one of the units (a married couple and family units) in the person everyone in the family register. However, resident card is expressed in units of one person one. The resident card are listed the following things.

Resident card
Full name (you must write a name in a family register)
· Family register
- Head of household's name and relationship of the head of household (Identification on the relationship of the household of the head of the household and their families)
And residents that became date (the day that became the inhabitants of the municipality)
, Address and for those moving to, (the day you report the address) date and previous address of date and notification which defines its address

Municipalities, using the resident card, you can create a Basic Resident Register, prepares a record of residents.

Residents of the definition of the provisions: Local Autonomy Law Article 10
A person who has an address in the area of ​​Article 10 municipalities, and residents of the prefectures that comprise the municipality and this.
○ 2 residents, pursuant to the provisions of law, has the right to receive equal provision of services of its belonging ordinary local governments, obliged to minute appointed its burden.


Household ... housing and living the same to have a person of the population. Some cases or, in the case of one person that contain a person other than relatives



Ledger Basic Resident Register ... municipalities, created a resident card of the entire population was organized by households

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