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Now, residents in local autonomy, let's learn to be able to.

Local autonomy has to cherish the intention of the residents. So, there are many things that can residents.

• To participate in the election
→ residents is a representative of the region in the election, you will be able to choose the mayors and councilors.

· Have the direct right to claim
→ The direct claims, it is a system in which residents of intention can direct political participation as reflected in politics. If you divide this direct claims you can be these two.
→ Initiative (Proposition): residents enactment example) ordinance that can be proposed for politics, change, abolition, audit claims
→ recall (residents dismissal): Example residents can sTOP someone person of important position in the local governments) chiefs, lawmakers, parliament, dismissal of the major civil service claim
※ When the residents to the initiative and recall, you must have voter signature. In addition, or there is a condition on the number of signatures by the appended content, billing will be different or. Even there is a condition to determine the claim content.

You can not claim the dismissal one year from the ※ 1 election
※ 2 ordinance be determined within the scope of the law is determined by Article 94 Constitution
※ 3 company, foreigners, also can be claimed in the minors
※ 4 because the main civil servants, vice governor, deputy mayor mayor, election management committee, audit committee, education committee, that of members of the Public Safety Commission
The fact of the meeting that the consultation with respect to the merger

The head of the chiefs ... local governments


Audit claim ... to determine the audit to the audit committee of local governments, can make a claim to take the necessary measures against the action plans

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