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Here, you will learn about the duties and role of the residents.

This is the obligation of the residents, but include things such as the following.
And payment of residence tax
· Defend the ordinance and regulations
-Use fee, the residents tax to the payment of contributions, is a tax in order to pay the tax to be used for community residents. Resident tax, in order to pay the district of residence tax who lived on January 1, one year, when the move, living in the so pay the residence tax district has become from next year, the fact that the You.
When the specifically described with reference to FIG., Residents who were in A town to January 1, 27, was the move to B-cho on March 1, 27. However, as I wrote above, it is supposed to pay the residential tax to the district who lived on January 1. So, even if the move from A to B-cho-cho, until January 1 of the next year will pay the residential tax to A town. And we will continue to pay the resident tax in B town from January 1, 28.


Money from someone else who has benefit in making the contribution ... Public Works

Fee for use ... money for the use of public facilities


Next It is the responsibility of the residents, but include things such as the following.
- Voluntary participation in regional activities (volunteer)
And local governments to participate in the policy

As participation in the local government policy, there is community participation. If it when the community participation that public works has occurred is a problem or if in the district that have been made relating to the profit and loss of residents, it is the system that gives the residents them the right to speak. In addition, it is obliged to hear the local government side the opinion of the residents were given the right to speak.

There is a referendum in other. The referendum, the residents directly, such as when coming heavily involved in the lives of residents have problems asked to vote, it is a way to formulate such regulations. Diet the consent of the special law proposed require the consent of the majority in the referendum, the consent of the dissolution-chief of dismissal of Congress also requires the consent of the majority, such as subsequent correspondence are determined by the number of agreements in the referendum It will continue.

From this fact, because we duty as residents in each municipality of the original, plays a role as citizens, it will become necessary that the obligations and play a role.

Business public works ... Country or local governments do for the public interest and welfare

Rights that can speak in such as voice ... meeting



Special law ... we called the special law a law that is formulated in a particular municipality.

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