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Let's learn about the relationship between the local government and residents.

Residents obligation, by to play a role, municipal service can receive the (community centers, hospitals, elementary and junior high schools, roads, service point of contact such as municipalities). Residents by to pay taxes to local governments, we spend a commonplace of cultural life. If I had not been road is paved, if you do not have a hospital, if you do not have public school .... We are, I have received a lot of services from local governments.

Different from the meaning a little, but has been institutionalized that recently hometown tax payment also attention. Tax to municipalities other than the municipality you live by making the (After the donation actually, pay mechanism that tax is deducted), (it is not in all municipalities) that you can win goods of thanks from the municipality is a service. By the taxpayer, is there the relationship that get a thank-you.

Hometown tax payment
The hometown tax is to tax the hometown of prefectures, to the municipality. For example, it was born in hometown, and will grow in response to the service of the municipality. However, people in enrollment and employment is often to go to the city. As a result, the urban municipality will be paid tax, but the home of the local government will not be paying taxes. So, we were able hometown tax payment and from opinion "Do not it good even if there is a system that can be tax at their own will to hometown for his raised his." In addition, the hometown tax payment it is possible to choose whether to tax anywhere in the municipality, there is also a case where such service is received from the local governments and taxpayers. From the point of view of Tokyo such as Oeki principle, it can not in opposition to this system, it has been said that there is also a problem in the return goods battle.

The provisions on equality rights
Constitution Article all people, it shall apply the equality under the law, race, creed, gender, by social status or family origin, in political, economic or social relations, not discrimination.

Regardless of the magnitude of Oeki principles ... revenue, a method of pay taxes according to the service
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