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Here, you'll learn about the election.

Election and is to decide by the residents vote for representatives involved in politics. In local elections, the prefectural gubernatorial election, state parliament election, properly length election, properly Parliament election, mayor election, there are towns and villages Parliament elections. Residents directly in these elections, and the chiefs of the local governments in the election (things such as the prefectural governor and city mayor) you can choose the members of local councils. This called the "dual representation system".

There is a committee of the order to make these local elections can be without problems. It is the "Election Commission". This committee is also to either of local governments of prefectures and municipalities. It manages four members of which were elected in parliament elections for a term of four years.


Period attached to the term of office ... some jobs

Let's re-check the length and the members of the authority to choose the election.

The main authority of length
- Rulemaking rights → rules length stipulated
- Reconsideration Rights (veto) → If the voting-election of parliament acknowledge that there is a violation of law and regulations enacted and abolition, and can be used if there is a significance in relation to budget and voting
It is possible dissolution of the parliament by the right to dissolve → length of-parliament
Senketsu that disposal → Congress must vote-, chiefs can be processed on behalf of the parliament only when special

Congress of authority
to submit a document for-written opinion submitted rights → Parliament of opinion is reflected in national policies
- Article 100 of the investigation right → to investigate in relation to prefectural and municipal office
· Autonomy → Upon organization and operation of Parliament, the right to self-reliance is not subject to interference from external
authority that Congress can punish lawmakers in voting when-punishment rights → lawmakers have disturbed the discipline

From the above, the length and the lawmakers will find that you are supporting the lives of the residents to have a lot of rights. So, because there is a right to residents to choose a representative in the direct election is very important.

  Range of rights ... the state and local governments, are capable of performing the authority on the basis of the provisions of the laws and regulations

Direct election ... voters that the election to direct the Hisenkyonin

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