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In the course of analyzing the proceedings, it was thought that it is often not known to the provinces that live in their own. Among that it can not be elections, less opportunity to touch the local government, that they are the subject of local governments that live in their own and, I think, such as the policy difficult interest aside. However, try to analyze the proceedings in this themselves, and now I think I want to know more about other initiatives of local governments.


Impression that it was received and consider reading the minutes is that "long I wish". That finely state as a record of the meeting has been written I think very important. But, and local governments of policy, finance, etc., proceedings that can know a wide range of fields and, if it easy to read more, I think further or not become easy tools to learn the local autonomy.
If you have an analysis of the proceedings, it was found that it is doing the revision of the ordinance on the basis of the data. The thing of the past find that have gone fix little by little the regulations to suit remains of the past, rather than on the circumstances of the current province, the ordinance and see that it is necessary to grasp, and read the minutes from now I thought I want Demi.

Minutes to was very long, is it was difficult to summarize the main points only. However, over the people of their local lawmakers time, you have me thinking of local governments, and see that, I think that Na was good doing. Themselves also, even if I thought it somewhat difficult, I think it is and it is important to know that local governments that live in their own by reading the minutes.


Names and ordinances that do not know, each time coming out the name of the policy you do not know, it was a survey to use the Internet. The hit to the site or PDF, is written is in minute detail the content of the regulations and policies, while understand it, it was thought that it is not easy to go incorporated into the agenda.


Although proceedings had to be "long", "difficult", actually try to analyze the event and entertainment concepts, and that policy is being carried out based on the keywords "Creation" is also in their own province you know, we were able to feel familiar very parliament and local governments. In addition, on the go to the analysis, I thought it was also Na hope there is "easy-to-read the minutes." By doing so, the minutes are not just a record of Parliament, I think that it is easy to use in teaching materials to learn the local autonomy.

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