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Now, young people of political apathy is a problem in Japan, voter turnout in local elections is below 50 percent. However, is pulled to the election age is 18 years of age, young people of the vote is expected. So we, there is a degree of knowledge modern high school students about the local autonomy, it was to investigate whether to have an interest. Survey is active high school of 30 people.
First question, the second question was the question of whether you know the chiefs of the name of the region that live in their own municipality. As had been expected, is the stranger was very large. In addition, you may not write only the answer were people also surname "know", since or writing a name in hiragana, again, it seems interest is low for the chiefs of the high school students of the municipality.
In the third question, from that it will be able to also election in high school, we are one of the questions if you want to participate in the election. The result is people who answer "yes" in addition to was less about 60%. Again, young people or Will not interested in the election. The reason you do not want to participate was almost it is "do not expect" and "do not understand", "annoying".
In the fourth question, it was a question about the taxes pay for themselves. Is you do not know the person was slightly many, but the result was a half half. For people who answered "knows" was correct also the type of tax mentioned, you can see that has been established as the knowledge that you have learned in class.
In the sixth question, it is How questions or are interested about the local autonomy. This question is also, as can be seen from the results, most people have had the result that not interested interested in local government.
From the results of the newly conducted the survey, we noticed that high school students who are interested in local government very little. Or probably because still there is not that you have to vote. Now is pulled to the election age is 18 years of age, I think that will increase future cases to participate in the election in the high school. Meanwhile, Tara is thinner interested interest in local autonomy and political high school students, continued to drop election rate further, it will no longer be exhibited the goodness of local autonomy. From such a thing, I think you know or, as Na hope the opportunity to learn is in the familiar for more local autonomy.
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