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This site as a learning site of local autonomy, I tried to listen to what is significant from the questionnaire. The target is 30 people active high school students.
As was seen in the questionnaire about the local autonomy, interest in the high school students of local autonomy is low. However, by learning in this site, the amount of information I would like would like to recognize that increased. So, how will the high school students interested in what kind of information.
Result Funny ordinance was the first place. Knowing a special ordinance, I think that they will become in the wake of the springs is interest in local autonomy. In addition, it was also popular quizzes and proceedings investigation. Feel free to information provides a method that can learn about local autonomy it was also know to be effective.
This question, I tried a little high school students in the description expression. Again, 2 yuan representation system is seemed me to recognize that it's important in local autonomy, and I think the election gave me to understand that it is important. If you stick to acquire knowledge, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is proof that get to interested in the election.
And production, such as increasing the number of residents want a little ahead, and because they accept a lot of people, scared a security is poor will likely
- Feel that services and events is biased in the elderly subject to
And local governments have a thing in, more and introduce the fact that
Not only-wide road, ordinary road also want to clean
- Interesting, please create a vibrant town
I want you to direct the eye to where the service is not in good condition
I feel, like a too much money is
I want to make, funny ordinance
And because if you do not investigate, on their own do not know Toka mechanism of tax, want information can be seen more
• Since crows scavenge garbage, I want a little more the crow measures
· I want you to put the cooler in school (elementary and junior high school)
I want you, the medical expenses and to only
I want - to increase the library
Also a student was not interested in local autonomy, we now have an opinion. Apart from whether the demand is possible, to have a firm opinion on its own, I think I want you to consider what should be the direction of their local governments. Local autonomy is the media does not mean us to report. You need to look at themselves. However, we believe that knowing firm is the first step to do a good local autonomy.
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