There is a word "youth of political apathy." Indeed, the overwhelming voter turnout is 20's than any age is low. Under such circumstances, we had the opportunity to think about local autonomy. And we thought. That it does not know about that scary. Politics has also been made in the town that we live, become a prefecture was set is the town, it is I national gathering. In other words, even though the local government exists as a political foundation, we are not interested.
On this site, for local autonomy called "school of democracy", and has been published as learn in high school students' point of view. And, I believe that if you can bring more and more people are interested in politics.
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  TOP ○What municipality ○What residents ○Minutes investigation Site profile  
     -About municipality  -About residents  -Survey Report 1    
  ○First  -Type of municipality  -It can be  -Survey Report 2 Site map  
   -Reality of local autonomy  -Municipal organization  -Obligation and role    -Survey Report 3    
   -Students to the relationship local autonomy  -Work of municipality  -Relationship with local governments   Bibliography  
   -Ideal of local autonomy  -About money   ○Questionnaire    
      ○What election  -About local autonomy E-mail  
  ○What local autonomy ○What local council  -About election  -About this website    
   -Democracy and local autonomy  -About Local assembly  -Suffrage and eligibility   日本語版  
   -Constitution and local autonomy  -About Rep   ○Test    
   -School of democracy  -Congress of work    -Elementary level    
   -Works of local autonomy  -The difference between the National Assembly    -Intermediate Level    
     -Differences in laws and regulations    -Senior    
     -Interesting ordinance        
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